Green Facility

We strive to be a Green facility focused on reducing/reusing/recycling.


  • Waste oil heater uses the used oil, transmission, differential and transmission fluids from flushes to heat the building.
  • Scrap parts are saved and sent to recycling centers instead of being thrown away.


  • Blown-in insulation and fire retardent & special ceiling panels cut natural gas consumption by 50%.
  • Hi-tech 1 inch thick Tectum™ ceiling and wall panels cut noise decibals in half as well as provides additional R-value energy savings.
  • Installation of low-E glass keeps the building warmth in during the winter and keeps it cooler during the summer.
  • Replacement of incadesent lights with LED and fluorescent lights which reduce energy usage & reduces the amount of waste to be disposed.


  • State-of-the-art Brake Lathe enables us to machine the rotor to extend its life rather than to scrap it, which saves the environment and saves our customer money.
Waste Oil Heater

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